Beer Grab Bag Day 5: Citrus Squeeze Truly Hard Seltzer

Tall & skinny

This may look like a soda (a common theme with many of these lighter drinks), but it is a hard seltzer. Can it provide more flavor than yesterday’s touch-of-pineapple Happy Dad? Let’s find out.

Presentation: As mentioned, this looks like soda. It’s clearly marked as alcohol, and the can is narrower and taller like some energy drinks, but at first glance it looks like a tropical-flavored soda. Plenty of artwork borders a white can, with the name TRULY in large font vertically. It grabs your attention, and I guess it has to because who had ever heard of this brand before their seltzers?

Taste: Citrusy! Like a blend of various citrus fruits, both sweet and sour. No real standout fruit notes, but pleasant and easy to drink. At 5% ABV, it has a slight kick, but won’t get you drunk unless you down these, at which point why are you wasting money and not savoring the flavor? Speaking of, the flavor does last quite a while, thankfully.

Smell: This smells like a whole bunch of citrus in a can. Even smells okay after its contents have been emptied. It’s still ultimately a seltzer, though, so it’s not something you’ll want to leave out for long.

Mouthfeel: Another hard seltzer, another soda-like feel on the way down. This Truly brand seems to use more carbonation than Happy Dad, which makes it a bit more intense than your average soda. Still doesn’t really feel like you’re drinking alcohol, though.

Value: This may have been a fun diversion, but I’m probably not picking up a case of this unless others have a craving for it. There’s much better, harder fare to be had in the same aisle, for around the same price.

Citrus Squeeze Truly Hard Seltzer













  • Flavor is pleasant
  • Flavor sticks around
  • It even smells good!


  • Drinks like soda
  • Would be a bit much in a case

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