Beer Grab Bag Day 4: Happy Dad Hard Pineapple Seltzer

“Hard Happy Dad Seltzer? Oh, wait a sec…”

It’s got kind of an odd logo, but this hard seltzer had my attention with one simple word: pineapple! I love pineapple anything, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this in my grab bag of assorted beers. It also says “WITH ELECTROLYTES,” which isn’t the most reassuring…Anyway let’s dive in to this seltzer that promises a tropical rush.

Presentation: Another white can, with a Harley-Davidson-esque logo. Read from top to bottom, the words form the awkward phrase “Hard Happy Dad Seltzer…” But the intention is Happy Dad Hard Seltzer. Definitely some points off for this unfortunate mishap, but otherwise it does grab your attention.

Taste: A rush of pineapple-like soda, which quickly fades into an alcohol-heavy aftertaste. Pleasant, but not for nearly as long as one would hope. I guess I should have seen the warning signs – 5% ABV, and only 100 calories. Something had to give. No actual pineapple flavor listed in the ingredients, though they do use sugar cane.

Smell: Much like the taste, there is a hint of pineapple scent, but mostly this smells like cheap wine cooler, but stronger due to the higher alcohol percentage compared to those. As soon as you finish, you’re going to want to throw the can out.

Mouthfeel: Like light beers, there’s not much to report here. It’s a thin, watery drink that doesn’t make you beg for more. Not quite as thin as Bud Light, but not much heavier than Heineken Light, this has a forgettable feel to it going down.

Value: Probably going to pass on a case of this stuff, unless it is heavily discounted. It’s very much a middle-of-the-road seltzer, and should be priced as such.













  • Pineapple!


  • Pineapple flavor fades quickly
  • Unfortunate logo wording
  • Feels like soda

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