Beer Grab Bag Day 3: Luke’s Original

Not Lucky Chloe!

With a fancy-looking award ribbon from winning a Bronze in the Golden or Blonde Ale category at something called “The Great American Beer Festival,” I figured I was in for a treat. One’s things for certain, though – I was just happy to be taking a break from light beers!

Presentation: A white can, with a Joshua Tree visible in the background. As mentioned, a ribbon is added on with the claim that what you hold in your hand won a Bronze award in 2019 at “The Great American Beer Festival.” While I’ve never heard of this festival, presumably it included judges, and they collectively agreed that this was one of the better beers on tap that day.

Taste: A smooth, easy-drinking ale, and at 5.4% ABV it also has a decent kick to it. A hint of citrus helps to reduce the maltiness. I could definitely have a couple of these easily.

Smell: Much better than the light beers I’ve had over the past couple of days. Reminds you of lazy summer days, the type of smell that becomes a bit sickly after being left out for too long. Enjoy it before it spoils!

Mouthfeel: Not too thick, nor too thin. Each gulp is full of bubbles and flavor, with the slight sting of alcohol on the way down. This is what ales are all about.

Value: An easy purchase if I see a six or 12-pack out in the wild. I’d probably be fine with paying $1.50 per drink in that case. These cans are also pints (16oz), so you get a little extra buzz for your troubles.













  • Easy drinking
  • Comes in a pint can
  • Smells good


  • Award symbol might set expectations too high

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