Beer Grab Bag Review Day 2: Heineken Light

Bask in the shadow of this light beer.

More beer, more memories. The very first six-pack of beer I ever bought shortly after midnight when I turned 21 was Heineken. It turns out one of my grandfather’s favorite beers is also Heineken. Something about regular Heineken seems to vibe well with me.

Presentation: A white can with green highlights, including the iconic star that Heineken is famous for. Just like Bud Light, this can is understated, because Heineken is a well-established brand that doesn’t need to do anything to stand out – those who know they like Heineken Light simply seek it out.

Taste: It’s not fantastic by any means, but it does taste quite a bit better than a Bud Light. Basically, take a Heineken, dilute it until it’s a paltry 3.3% ABV, and you’ve got Heineken Light. It says it’s a premium malt lager, but I can’t detect much maltiness.

Smell: Smells just like regular Heineken. Maybe a touch sour? Still not something you want to leave out overnight.

Mouthfeel: A thin, effervescent drink not unlike soda. Not as thick as Bud Light, which makes Heineken Light a bit more refreshing.

Value: Glad this was in a grab bag, because I don’t think I’d ever choose this over bog-standard Heineken. There are cheaper light beers that have a higher ABV, however this is the closest you can get to the taste of the standard beer.

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