Beer Grab Bag Review Day 1: Bud Light

A wild Bud Light has appeared!

Bud Light. It’s standard American fare. Easy to drink. Brings back memories, really – the first actual beer I had was two Budweisers, and just those two got my little 16-year-old self quite buzzed. But this is the Light version. At only 4.2% ABV, this is something you can drink all day and still be fine the next. It can also make you feel bloated.

Presentation: It’s a familiar sight when camping, with bright white text on a shiny blue can. Not much going on, but then this brand doesn’t have to fight for market share in the liquor store.

Taste: When you think of light beer, you think of this or Coors Lite. It’s like an intro to beer, with a sharp, tangy start that gives way to some sweet maltiness. Not much complexity here, but it’s reliable.

Smell: This…does not smell good, even fresh out of the fridge. Better beers smell different before the can is empty and its contents are dried out – leaving a can of Bud Light out overnight is a recipe for a bad time.

Mouthfeel: Soda. This feels like you’re drinking soda, which for the most part is a good thing, but you do also want to be reminded you’re drinking something more than just soda.

Value: This stuff is very easy to find and cheap to buy a lot of. Can’t ask for much more from an American light lager.

Bud Light













  • Easy to drink
  • Inoffensive taste
  • Pairs well with anything


  • Tastes like any other lite beer
  • Can make you feel bloated

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