Tranya T10 Review – Fun, Feature-Filled, Punchy Earbuds

In the market for a budget-friendly set of truly wireless stereo earbuds that put audio first? Tranya believes they have the product for you, with their new T10 earbuds. At an MSRP of $79.99, this is less than half the price of many high-end earbuds, but the company has placed an emphasis on their premium sound quality. Featuring massive 12mm graphene drivers and a claim of 32 hours of combined battery life, could these be the earbuds you’ve been looking for? Find out in our definitive Tranya T10 review.

Understated, in a Good Way

Opening the white box that the T10 comes in isn’t as elegant as the Rimor, as there is no cloth loop to pull on. It’s a small thing, but if it helps to bring the cost of the earbuds down without sacrificing on the earbuds themselves, then it’s a small price to pay. Included with the T10 are a set of instructions and a Tranya sticker, the earbuds, which are already inside the charging case, a very VERY short USB-A to USB-C charging cable, along with small and large silicone earbud tips (the medium-sized tips are preinstalled on the earbuds).

The charging case follows the design motif of Tranya’s other products – black-heavy and an understated profile. It’s a small, egg-shaped piece of matte plastic, with a black Tranya logo printed in a casual font along the top that you have to catch in the light at the right angle to even see. This logo is set in a different typeface compared to the Rimor, something Tranya might want to work on if they want to get their brand noticed in this sea of thousands of earbud manufacturers. The entire package doesn’t weigh very much, though the T10 earbuds are slightly heavier than the Rimor, owing to the larger driver size of the T10 buds (more on that in a moment). Noticeably, the slightly larger case of the T10 provides in better stability of the case. As I type this review on a lap desk in this new world of global lockdown, the T10 case is not budging despite the desk moving around as I type. The Rimor case, on the other hand, wobbles noticeably with each keystroke. This isn’t a huge deal, of course, but does illustrate the general balance felt while holding the T10 case, which is to say it feels perfectly balanced.

Opening the egg-shaped case reveals the earbuds, in all their low-profile, understated glory. The case is held shut by magnets, as is par for the course, and will have the delightful second duty as a fidget toy for people bored on a never-ending Zoom meeting or on hold with tech support. The black-on-black motif continues here, as the touchpad sides of the earbuds simply show a circle with a slightly-glossy design in the shape of a T (for Tranya), and even this doesn’t cover the entire side of the earbud. If I said the Rimors were understated, then the T10 earbuds are a decidedly muted affair when it comes to looks. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because if you’re looking for a set of truly wireless earbuds that don’t draw attention to themselves by using loud or obnoxious colors, then you can’t do much better than the Tranya T10.

A small, bright box holds the goods.

Just Grab and Go

Getting the earbuds out of their case is simple, and the smaller footprint of the touchpads makes for an easier grip than the Rimor. The T10 earbuds have a rounded but slightly square-shaped profile to their sides, which is subtle but much less rounded than the Rimor. The result is less fumbling around with the earbuds to get them out, and more time listening to audio or taking calls. It’s little things like this which indicate to me that Tranya is learning from their previous designs. Putting the earbuds back in the case involves magnets as well, with a satisfying snap that occurs once the earbuds are close enough. Charging is automatic, as is power – the earbuds turn themselves on and off immediately upon removal and return from/to the case, unless the case has no battery left, in which case power is managed by holding the touchpad until the earbud announces it is turning on or off. If both earbuds are currently in use, turning one off also turns the other off.

Bluetooth 5.0 is used again in the T10, and at this point there are no concerns with connectivity. Pairing is painless, and if one earbud is connected to a device, then the other earbud joins in via a beep when removed from the case. Putting one earbud in the case while playing audio doesn’t end the Bluetooth connection, either, it simply shuts that one earbud off and the beats keep on coming. Furthermore, and this is the feature which has pushed aside the Rimor as my daily truly wireless driver, the T10 supports aptX! What good are massive 12mm drivers if the stream is only at a basic level? This codec from Qualcomm allows for a better frequency response, lower noise floor, and generally less audio information loss over the limited bandwidth of Bluetooth. This means the high-resolution recordings of classic albums from the likes of Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, and Marvin Gaye can sound just as good as contemporary artists such as Daft Punk, Linkin Park, The White Stripes, and others.

The Tranya T10 has an IP rating of IPX7. This officially means that the earbuds “can be submerged up to one meter in water for 30 minutes.” Effectively, it means water is not an issue, and you can go swimming with them – the instruction manual even tells you that you can do this! They do instruct not to dive with them, not because the waterproofing will give out (which it would after diving more than one meter), but because the Bluetooth radiation from a phone cannot penetrate the water, as the waves will be reflected away from the earbuds. Quite a problem to have. Unfortunately, with the current COVID-19 situation our neighborhood pool was closed, but I was able to test the T10 during fairly intense workouts. I run a decent 22-minute 5K on a good day, and consequently become covered in sweat. The T10 earbuds performed just fine as I went through these workouts, so safe to say they will withstand most water you through their way.

Not shown – magnets!

Something Given, Something Taken

They say you don’t really know what you got ‘til it’s gone, and in this case, I found myself missing the triple tap to initiate the Google Assistant that we saw on the Tranya Rimor earbuds. Thankfully, the microphones on the earbuds work perfectly fine with a manually-started session with the Assistant, so it’s not really a big loss. The controls are also slightly different compared to other Tranya products such as the Rimor, as tapping each earbud one time no longer initiates any action. This can actually prevent accidental taps from wet hair being recognized, so this also seems like a good design decision on Tranya’s part. You just have to get used to tapping and holding for a second to pause or resume audio and triple-tapping to seek.

One convenient feature that is on the T10 which was not seen on the Rimor is the inclusion of Qi wireless charging for the case. I had an old Samsung Qi charger laying around, wired that up, and placed the case on the Qi charger. The LED battery indicator lit up, and the case proceeded to charge both its internal battery and the earbuds, within a few hours. This is a nice feature that I will probably use whenever the case needs a charge, which is a rare occurrence but the ease of charging the case without plugging anything else in makes the entire process enjoyable.

Tranya has done it again for battery life on the T10. Most people will be able to make it a traditional workday, wherever that is these days, before the earbuds need a charge. Importantly, the case can provide an hour of playtime with just a 10-minute charge. So unexpected downtime won’t last too long if you find yourself expending all the battery in the earbuds. The earbuds sport 50 mAh batteries, while the case has a 480 mAh cell inside. Simple math tells us that this means the case can charge the earbuds over four full times before needing a fill-up. In practice, you’ll rarely need to charge the case, but if you do, then you have the option of using Qi charging as mentioned, but also a Fast USB-C connector on the backside of the case, which will completely charge it in under two hours. The result is that the T10 earbuds will be ready to dish out the beats anytime you want.

Note the positioning of the microphones!

Finally, Some Good Audio

A sleek look, waterproof rating, good battery life, and convenient charging methods mean absolutely nothing if the earbuds sound and perform poorly. Thankfully, that is not the case with the T10. Front and center to the earbuds’ design is the massive (for earbuds) driver size of 12mm. This is evident by the large size of the earbuds, though they’re not so large that they’ll get in the way or not fit in someone’s ear. These 12mm drivers deliver more bass than the 10mm drivers seen in our review of the Rimor. For those who may not know, a “driver” refers to the main sound-producing unit’s diameter. On a traditional speaker, it’s the round dome-shaped bit of material that pulses back and forth to move air and produce sound. On earbuds, a 12mm driver size is very large. As a result, the sound signature is also much more bass-forward, though not overpoweringly so. The frequency response is a standard 20 Hz- 20 KHz, and the extra bass can be felt in many genres of music including electronica, hip-hop, R&B, jazz, rock, and more. The sound isn’t quite as accurate as the Rimors, but the experience is more entertaining thanks to the punchy bass. The included silicon tips should fit most ears, but upgrading to a foam tip is highly recommended. Personally, I had issues getting the earbuds to stay in while working out, but once I switched to an extra set of foam tips I had, the earbuds stayed in place without issue. Foam tips also create a better seal of the ear canal than silicone, which helps to widen the effective frequency response of the earbuds. I’d recommend that Tranya see about including a single set of foam tips in addition to the included silicone tips, though this may bump up the price a bit.

The T10 earbuds also appear to have the same sound stage as the Rimor, where directionality of audio is mostly limited to eight directions (the cardinal directions [N, S, E, W] plus the ordinal directions [NW, NE, SE, SW]). Any halfway-decent software equalizer such as that found in the Google Play Music application will widen this up a bit, and believable directionality can be achieved pretty easily. Again, these are an entertaining set of earbuds ready to supply you with a day’s worth of fun, uncritical listening.

A small, bright box holds the goods.
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A Strong Budget Contender

These wouldn’t be truly wireless earbuds if they didn’t also include microphones. The T10 earbuds deliver on that front, as well. Utilizing cVc 8.0 noise reduction has resulted in usable microphones which in my experience do a much better job at picking up my voice than the Rimor, which used cVc 7.0. But I don’t think that’s what made the difference here. The Rimor earbuds had the microphone placed just behind the earbud tip, which placed it inside the ear, resulting in a horribly muffled sound pickup. The T10 has placed the microphone far behind the earbud tip, and is downward-facing as opposed to front-facing. It is also so far out from the tip that it is nearly on the same piece of plastic as the touchpad. The location of the microphone probably plays the largest role in its pickup capabilities, and from my testing it seems these mics will perform well on any task.

The Tranya T10 represents a great value for the money. Not only is the bass-forward sound clear, but the microphones are also adequate for everyday use. When so many other truly wireless earbuds skimp on the microphone, this is good to see. Eight hours of continuous usage will also help to get through a workday, whatever or wherever that is for people these days. The inclusion of Qi wireless charging is icing on the cake for this feature-packed sub-$80 set of earbuds, and isn’t something that’s too common but is handy to have. For those that want to live the truly wireless audio life, the Tranya T10 should be on your shortlist of contenders.

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Tranya T10


Audio Quality




Battery Life


Mic Voice Quality





  • Great audio quality
  • Easy, solid pairing
  • Touch controls are reliable
  • Microphone is capable


  • Touch controls aren't quick

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